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I collect old & odd things ~ I throw my head back and cackle when I laugh and I see the past through the eye of a needle.
~ I love my life and those I share it with.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

~ The Missing Link & that Pin! ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~

One of my dear readers commented
 that there was an important part missing 
… from my sewing room photos yesterday ~
and she was right!

Mr. Ignacious Kat.
The Igmeister.

~ he must have been off hunting farmhouse mice 
or worrying about his next meal in the pantry 
when I took my previous photos…
but no worries, he is here this morning ~
warming my stitching chair for me!

hey Ig.

so, what about that big Pin that I showed you yesterday?
I was thinking it would make an awesome little hanger for a cross stitched sampler.

it is approx.: 12" long by 3-1/2" at it's widest part.
of course it's bigger than a normal sized safety pin ~
but surely not the size of the giant pin that hangs on my sewing room wall!
THAT one measures in at almost 30" long!

BIG pin on my sewing room wall {almost 30" long}

So I've chosen my thread colors,
happy bright colors,
 but still 'my' colors

tomato red, flax, straw, sage & indigo blue

the linen is my 30ct Ironstone 
…a nice mottled & stained white-based stiff linen that I love love to stitch on…
I think it's going to be perfect for this project!

the backing fabric is the one shown ~ brown with cream-colored flowers.
it's one of my favorite cheerful prints that I use often.

I'll begin the cross stitching today and will share my progress with you here on my blog…
and I can't wait to finish mine & hang it here in my sewing room.

Now for the FUN part of this whole idea:

I have 20 {TWENTY} of these 12" safety-pins!
and I will be putting together an edition 20 of kits for this project :)

and each kit will come with:
 one 12" safety pin
DMC floss in colors shown
 one piece of 30ct Ironstone Linen from Notforgotten Farm
one piece of backing fabric shown
two thread rings
paper chart/graph & finishing instructions

AND the kits will be available in my Etsy shop soon,
so you can make one for yourself & hang it in your creative space!

Hoping you all enjoy a peaceful day of happy-ness.
stay warm!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

~ Creating a Creative Space ~

Good Morning Friends & Folk ~
and Happy Tuesday to you!

the sun can't decide if it wants to visit or sleep in this morning, 
it keeps showing up in little slices on my sewing room floor in between icy-raindrops!

Speaking of sewing rooms ~
{nice segue, huh?}

I wanted to share with you my newly-cleaned & some-what rearranged sewing room…
but first ~

see this photo below?
see how large the safety pin is next to my thread skeins?
see the slice of my hand-dyed 30ct Ironstone Linen?
everything in this photo will become something cool
~ that I think you will enjoy watching me create :)

so follow along in the next few days, won't you?

ok, moving on to my sewing room ~ 
lots of you have already seen in here on my blog,
some of you have seen it in person, and some of you I wished had not seen it in person 
on those frequent occasions when it was…um…less-than-tidy!

but, now that it is neat & organized,
I will share it again.
I love my sewing room.
it's here I dream & do….create & conquer.

it's in this bright & happy place that I visit with you each day via the internet ~
allowing me the opportunity to feel as though we are 
~ Good Neighbors ~

my stitching chair ~ complete with overstuffed pillow, throw to warm my shoulders
and stool to put my feet upon.

Having a room of one's own to retreat to is a blessing.
… having a place to create is a must {for me anyway}.

numerous tables help me create work-stations that I use for different parts of my creating...

the helm of my sewing room is my desk, of course…
surrounded by numerous bits of collected-things and practical what-nots.
{ok...mostly impractical, but needed for my inspiration daily!}

my desk and stuff

although not huge, but not small ~
my sewing room is a perfect size for me and what I do ~
I have mastered stuffing organizing things into smallih-spaces, nooks & crannies.
although I do sometimes forget what I put where…

one corner of my room holds baskets & bins
of  cotton fabrics, mohair, wool and velvet scraps...

the organizing thing is supposed to be easy ~ 
just put back whatever it is, wherever it came from, right?
not so easy when I'm in the throes of creating for a new update, release or show :)
but, at least having a space to create in is awesome.

industrial shelving holds bins of anything/everything I need & then some.
I like to hang fabric to soften the look a bit ~

I am a mixer of styles.
I decorate with & collect what my heart loves only.
so you will find 
contemporary alongside antique
primitive married to whimsical
drab complementing colorful...

and everything in-betwixt & between

antique ribbon display case holds new seam-binding next to a wire spinning rack that holds threads ~

wire baskets, wooden boxes, tins & woven baskets 
play a huge part in my organizing…

old lace in wire basket

I also use my shelves to keep my works-in-progress in cheque ~
since the fabric hiding the shelves is held on with old clothespins, why not use the clothespins to hold other things too?

a collection of red tin PA German sewing boxes & woven sewing baskets in graduating sizes hold buttons, thread, jewelry parts & other sundries handy.
{{There's that safety pin again that I mentioned earlier!}}

it's the little things in my room that make it what is is though ~
the tiny memories and thoughts that are in my collected treasures that keep me company while I work…

a small cabinet holds many things from antique sewing items to newly made miniature teddy bears!

scraps overflowing with inspiration are never put 'away'…
instead they stand at-the-ready…waiting for my creative muse to visit yet again ~

antique store display/spool holder sits on a Victorian wicker sewing stand near my treadle sewing machine

when I am finished with a project and have 'leftovers'
they are added to my scraps ...
~ nothing is ever wasted.

even thread snippets go outside to my feathered-friends to cozy up their nests!

wire dress-form, a dressmaking sign I painted, a Victorian child's lawn dress and paper ephemera decorate this corner…
behind the dress form on the shelf sits a doll from Christine Crocker & a spotted hare from Lori Ann Corelis

I am never lonely here!
tiny faces greet me at every turn :)
always ready to answer a question or make a suggestion….

my little Calico Magpie, and Owl & Red Squirrel tape measures are sitting
in the window next to my treadle machine ~

more of my 'friends' hang out on this shelf below~

a few rats & shrews from Stacey Mead co-habitate nicely
with my needle-punched & felted Owl
and Opossum

since I collect dress forms as well, 
I like to either leave them naked {oh my!}
or dress them in lots of bling….

beautiful necklaces made by Kathy Barrick, and a few of my very own ;)

even if you don't have a room of your own,
you can still create a space of your own to create in…
a large closet, a garage, basement or attic ~
even an outdoor shed or corner of your living room
can become your happy place.
a needed place.
a place to call your own.

I would LOVE to see where you create…
if you'd like to, you can post about your creative space on your blog 
& link it back to me here!

{{{{{I'll be back here tomorrow with more info about that big safety pin}}}}}

Hoping you all have a beautiful day my friends!

~ Blessings from the Farm ~

Sunday, February 7, 2016

~ Show Photos ~

Hello Friends & Folk!

What a wonderful time we had at the show yesterday :)
our thanks to all who came out & stopped by & shopped in our booth 
~ always good to see you & so many smiling faces!

here are a few snaps of the show:

Notforgotten Farm's booth

beautiful quilts

love that blue iron bed

blown eggs in basket

love everything in this booth!

Mr. Millstone {a.k.a. Lee Harrison} in their beautiful booth

hand carved folk art birds

tramp art 

kitchen cupboard in Southern Star's booth

white cupboard

that rocker!

trunk with vintage wallpaper lining 

that dry sink!

beautiful plant stand
gonna get me one or have Peter make one for us ;)

these two stole my heart ~ they looked as if they were watching all of us milling around...

and this crazy quilt ~ holy moly

I looked at it probably 20 times
and each time I found something else that appeared in the makers' work

like the little embroidered bird, ribbons and dresden cherub head

the butterfly pen wipe that was appliqu├ęd on, and the ivy vine...

hand drawn motifs of flying birds, more specialty stitches than I will ever know
 and some colors of cloth I had never seen before :)

the little dog that was penned in ink, and to the below/right of him
a trio of embroidered owls sitting on a branch…
oh my stars.

and my favorite,
this little cat that was painted onto a scrap of red satin.

We loved seeing old friends and meeting new ~
and we loved seeing all of your dogs too!
{got lots & lots of wet-nosed kisses}

Hoping you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday,
… my chores need to be done and I need a little rest
before I begin working on more of my little magpies ;)

~ Blessings from the Farm ~