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I love my life and those I share it with….

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Saturday, October 25, 2014



the "Giving Thanks" charts that were recently shipped
are corrupt charts ~
For some reason the grid lines are NOT showing up on the graphs sent.

I will gladly replace them for you by either snail mail or PDF via email.

*If you purchased the 'Giving Thanks' chart via Etsy ~
please email me with your Etsy transaction number for the chart purchased.

*If you have ordered the chart & paid by check 
you will need to please email me with your check number.

 let me know if you'd like me to email you a downloadable/printable replacement (PDF)
OR send you a replacement via snail mail.

You will need to include your email/shipping info 
depending on how you'd like to receive your replacement please.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.
Please remember that I'm just a 'human-bean' and am not trying to aggravate you ;)

my email address is Not4got@aol.com
or please call the shop at
and now the
I am giving away two free tickets to the
From our Hands Show!!!

{{{you KNOW you want to win!!!}}}

to be eligible to win,
just leave me a comment on this post only
make sure you include your name & email so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner ~
I will use the Random Number Generator to choose the winner from the number of comments,
and will announce the winner on
November 1st here on the blog 

The winners will be able to pick up their tickets at the gate at the opening of the show,
compliments of the
From our Hands show ~ and little ol' me ;)

Best of luck to you!!!!

* Blessed be * 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Coming along ~

So I am working on my project
using the Valdani #8 pearl cotton in variegated colors…

Yes, I am loving it
(shame on me for waiting so long)

the colors are inspiring and unusual for me ~

I'm very used to working with DMC threads (6 strands) in solid colors and using my techniques of choosing colors to enhance the old look we love …

but with these,
the 'work' is done!

punching along nicely ~

I love the little design I'm working on,
a momma-cat & her 5 little kittlings ~
...all snug on a rug :)

those little catkins are too cute!
…this is the back or working surface of the design on my frame.

and here is the front ~
wow ~ look at those colors!

each one has different markings

 Since I'm using pearl cotton,
I'm not so used to the twist in the ply, 
...so for some reason
I keep snagging my needle tip into the previous plops underneath and make a snag…
these are easily snipped off, BUT I want to train my hand to NOT make them in the first place ~

snags along the front of the design...

This will be finished
 and available at the From our Hands & Hearts show on November 15th
(this won't be a pattern)

love the colors, hate the snags!

here is the beginning of the background being filled-in ~
loving the blue :)
loving the process and progress ~


Shop will be open today
and tomorrow 10:00 - 3:00
come on in for a visit if you're in the neighborhood :)

* Blessed be *

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Frames are available ~

Good Morning!

Peter has allowed me to offer another batch of frames in our Etsy shop:

to get em while they're here!!!

* Blessed be *

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NEVER say never…..

I have succumbed.
I have gone to the dark side…
I have thrown in the towel of persistence and given up/

I am going to try punching with Valdani threads.
(G A S P)

tiny balls of temptation 

...for years (years!) 
I have always waived-away any thought of using Valdani threads 
for my punch needle work…

cheap thrifty
i guess.

really? me???? nahhhh.

I enjoy reading posts from fellow bloggers such as 
Doreen (Vermont Harvest) 
and Rebecca (Simple Quiet)
and love what they do with this thread…
their palettes are beautiful and so inspiring :)

I was rooting around my sewing room last night, and came across a basket buried deep within a shelf..
in the bottom of the basket I found them.
8 small balls sitting there looking at me ~
they said quietly….
I ignored them.
one of the balls somehow fell to the floor and rolled over to my slippered-foot
as if to say:
"can we come out to play now?"

I actually felt sorry for it.

after many minutes of kicking the little thing around,
I picked it up.
I swear it giggled…

I grabbed my needle.
threaded it with the end of the little ball.
and punched a few loops….

why was I struggling so much with myself to use this?
I am such a non-conformist.
I  H A T E change.

I LIKE it!

the 'star' on my needle is there to remind me that it is a newer needle ;)

 I began punching ~ 
the threads began filling in with painterly colors on my project…
wow, I thought.

please excuse the farm-wife hands and hangnails…haven't been to the big city for a manicure lately ;)

I had one problem though…
that little ball kept rolling away fro me as I worked.
I grabbed an old jar from my work shelf and plunked it in.
it works for me!


Ok, to all of you who have heard me say the words:
I will NEVER use Valdani ~
…just scratch that will ya?

welcome to the dark side….

I will never again
say never to anything ~ before trying it first.
I will be ordering bucketfuls of Valdani from the company today 
...and enjoy being added as a Designer in their program.

and I'll show my finish soon :)

...so mote it be.

* Blessed be *

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