Thursday, December 18, 2014

Simply Christmas ~

forcing paperwhites on my kitchen windowsill

kitchen tabletop vignette

mourning dove

keeping room table vignette

one of my older angel paintings and favorite quilts

basket santa by Becky Carney hangs on my blue tulip cupboard door

tall santa by Becky Carney on our mantel

ironstone needlepunch & holly

mercury-glass tree & old children's brooms

little white log cabin 'smoker' and tiny glitter-bird w/ abandoned nest

our snug farmhouse

keeping room where Peaches & Barbara live

shoe-shine box with my collection of children's leather shoes

ironstone & pinecones you can tell,
I'm paring down a bit with my Christmas decorating…
just tucking in greens amongst my treasures & collections, and keeping it lighter this year

the 'big' tree will go up when Hannah comes home this weekend ~
….please come visit again soon!!

* Blessed be * 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

When the phone rings…..

when the phone rings in the middle of the night,
or in this case
very early in the morning,
and you jump out of bed and run to answer it ~
hoping you don't trip over the cat or fall down the stairs, get your nightgown tangled in your ankles,
{or inadvertently answer the television remote because you're not wearing your glasses}
OR when that moment of panic strikes you and you think 'oh no' …
and proceed to clunk yourself on the head {hard} with the receiver while answering said ringing phone
because you have now imagined everyone you have ever known is in some sort of trouble or distress?

….ever have that moment?
I did ~ this morning.
BUT I'm happy to say that it was a GOOD phone call from a far-away friend in South Africa!
Seems as though my Dear, Sweet Miss Cucki needed to renew her LSHC membership with me
..and she wanted to do it personally!
How's THAT for a devoted member & Friend?
I was SO relieved to hear her sweet voice 
...and knew at that point all was right with the world!

{We Love you Miss Cucki ~ Hoping you heal well & fast so you can get back to your stitching!}

when I finally calmed down 
from the shock of running through the house like a blind chicken wearing leotards
and settled back into bed, I had an attack of the giggles….
I was trying not to shake the whole bed at the thought of what I must have looked like
{that is if anyone other than Iggy was watching} 
and he was…from high-ground atop the dresser. Smart Cat.

Of course I couldn't go back to sleep.
too much to think about as my brain began it's normal (?) mind-chatter ~
oh well, time to start the day…I'll nap later ;)


Here is the little project I'll be teaching at the class
~ for the Virginia Guild of Needleworkers on Jan. 15th

"My Threads" pocket ~

front of project

back of project showing brown calico fabric

The members liked the 'Spools' pouch that I made designed for the 
April/May/June Little Stitches Handwork Club {LSHC} project ~
... so I used that as inspiration for their project.

April/May/June 2014 LSHC project

If you are a member of the LSHC and would like to renew for 2015, 
OR if you'd like to become a member ~you can contact me at
to read more about our 
Litte Stitches Handwork Club

Hoping you all have a creative & beautiful Wednesday my friends…
{{and if I call you better answer!}}

* Blessed be *

Monday, December 15, 2014

Surprise! One more day on the Hop!!

Happy Monday Friends & Folk!

Stacy from Buttermilk Basin 
has one more surprise for you!
a special bonus designer on the 
Primitive Handmade Christmas Bloghop

Calico Moon !!!

lots of you who already know about this fabulous little shop 
~ will be delighted to see their pattern offering

click on the link below to visit Calico Moon's Facebook page!

I cannot believe it is the 15th of December already ~
my how this year has flown by…

We have been so blessed this past year for sure!
We have made many new friends and have enjoyed good health ~
lots of good times and happiness!

I am preparing my class/event schedule for 2015 
 ~ and will be adding to the list already on my sidebar.

We will be holding more classes here at the farm this year, 
and I'm hoping to be bringing in a few select designers for you too!

And along with my usual rug hooking, punch needle, wool appliqué and cross stitch classes
I just may be adding a couple of new needlework techniques that I have been wanting to try :)

2015 will bring many new changes to us here at the farm shop ~
we will be expanding the farm shop to accommodate more class students and inventory.
we will be adding more bolt fabric for those of you who quilt 
~ and I am hoping to add a line of artisan yarns for those who knit and or crochet.

once expanded, we will also offer a little more home decor, primitives and antiques too!!
expand our shop hours too!
{doesn't this all sound wonderfully exciting?}
so much to look forward to!
...gosh, I better get busy then...

Hoping you all have a *loverly* day my sweet Friends!

* Blessed be *

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 14 !!!

Head on over to Stacy's blog at
Buttermilk Basin
to see what she is sharing with us this year ~

Stacy is as sweet as her cookie recipe and wait till you see her project!

Have a Peaceful Sunday my Friends ~

* Blessed be * 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hopping Along on Day 13!

Day THIRTEEN on the
 Primitive Handmade Christmas Blog Hop
belongs to
Lisa at Primitive Gatherings

Lisa has lots going on but she is sweet enough to share with us all ~
I think you'll love her offering & recipe :)


I'm heading out to the shop in a bit,
to stoke the stove and open for the day ~
come on in for a visit if you're in the neighborhood, 
...and bring your handwork with you!

(we have hot chocolate & raisin scones)


have a *sparkling* winter's day my friends! ~

* Blessed be *

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